S1E2, In-house SEO Challenges, Kevin Indig

Welcome to episode 2! In this episode we’re joined by Kevin Indig, an in-house technical SEO at Atlassian. He’s responsible on a daily basis for maintaining (and improving) the technical SEO for Jira, Trello, Bitbucket, Confluence, Bamboo… You get the idea, he does a lot.

Kevin talks to us about the challenges of in-house SEO and overcoming them.

You can follow Kevin on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kevin_Indig

6 thoughts on “S1E2, In-house SEO Challenges, Kevin Indig”

    1. Hey Jacob!

      Yeah we’re trialling some new software at the moment that will help us setup a feed for iTunes – going to work on remastering this one though!


  1. Social media such as facebook and instagram are certainly on the books of any SEO guy or gal. But to say that buying likes and shares doesn’t work is incorrect in my opinion. Remember, the Russians used bots and fake accounts to push fake news and they succeeded with the 2016 elections. Why not SEOs use the same strategy, simply because is not ethical?!

    1. Hey Greg,

      See I’d disagree. There is a big difference between bots and fake accounts promoting “fake news” and seeding propaganda, versus buying fake followers to seem “authoritative”. I’d argue if you’re buying likes, followers and shares via social, then it isn’t ethical – and I’d also question the impact that it’s having on organic search efforts.


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