S1E4, Crawling and Indexing, Barry Adams

This week we’re joined by Barry Adams! Founder of Polemic Digital, co-chief at State of Digital and a very well known face in the SEO industry. He’s also the first guest we’ve had on the podcast we’re I’ve had to tick this box:

So this is your warning (which may not come as a surprise to some of you), BARRY SWEARS – HE SWEARS IN THIS PODCAST 🔞. In fact, the first f*ck off from Barry comes after 33-seconds… Meaning I’ve also had to exclude it from our iTunes application. Thanks Barry.

So probably don’t play this one loud on office speakers!

Please enjoy the Podcast below!

5 thoughts on “S1E4, Crawling and Indexing, Barry Adams”

  1. Great stuff guys! If you want an amaerica guy who swears almost as much on the show, let me know!

    I’m so happy that there’s more resources out there for technical SEO! The more the better.

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