Guest Guidelines

So you want to be a guest on the Technical SEO Podcast?

We would love to hear and share your stories, lessons, and marketing techniques, but as this is a hobby podcast (we don’t make any money making this), and we do it outside of our day jobs – we ask that you read the guidelines below before submitting a pitch, to make our lives easier more than anything.

When you submit your contact form, please:

  1. Tell us your name, and give us a brief introduction as to who you are (unless I already know you, then why are you using this form and not just asking me on Twitter?)
  2. Link me to your Twitter, or LinkedIn, or something that shows us who you are.
  3. Tell us what you would like to talk about on the podcast.

What topics do you talk about on your podcast?

It’s the Technical SEO Podcast. We talk about topics relating to technical SEO and within this, we want to add value and actionable or thought provoking insights for listeners.

I’ve submitted my form, now what?

Please note that we receive a lot of guest submissions. That said, even if you may not be the right fit for the podcast, we will do our best to respond to each email as soon as possible. If you send follow-ups or chasers, being honest, you’re likely to get more ignored.

What can I do to make sure my contact form gets ignored?

We endeavour to respond to everyone who submits a contact form, even if it’s a no, and even if it fits any of the below criteria. Your form is likely to be ignored if:

(A) You have a PA or secretary or “colleague” send it on your behalf. Seriously? This happens a lot, if you feel you’re that important, you’re too important for this podcast.

(B) Your pitch basically shows you’ve Googled “marketing podcasts” and your trying to “get your name out there”, like this example below:

(C) You spend your days trolling other SEOs, or physically assault them for having different views. We don’t condone or believe anyone with that sort of behaviour is deserving of a voice in the industry.

Other than that, please feel free to get in touch!