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Who should use this contact form.

This contact form is intended for:

  • People interested in being a guest on the podcast, if this is you – please read our guidelines here. If you submit a pitch without reading the guidelines, you go on a list titled “CBA to read”, and it’s unlikely we’ll accept a second pitch.
  • People who have a complaint about one of the podcast episodes.
  • People who want to contribute a genuine guest post to the blog, again please follow the same guidelines (linked to above) as the podcast guests.

This form is not for:

  • People who wish to help optimise in Google, Yahoo and MSN for great monthly prices. I reserve the right to waste your time with emails if you do this.
  • People who want to enquire about buying a link/sponsored guest post on the site. You don’t need to mail me, the price is a $1,000 donation to a charity of our choosing – your link/sponsored guest post will be published when the charity confirms receipt of the donation.

I am not a robot, or spam.